Top 5 Purchases to Improve Your Posture

The importance of good posture cannot be understated. Our posture can affect various aspects of our health so it is important that we maintain it correctly. From muscle and joint aches, to how it can affect our confidence, good posture can play a big role in our quality of life. Below are five purchases you can make today, to help improve your posture.

1) Posture-improvement clothing

Brands such as Active Posture have created clothing and accessories for everyone that improves the user’s postural awareness. Their posture t shirt and support pillows are the bestsellers as they relieve the tension in the user’s neck, shoulders and back by reflecting the body’s muscle contractions; in turn helping to improve posture. Aside from full clothing garments, there are also many types of braces available to suit the different posture needs such as for those suffering from lordosis and kyphosis.

While there are many items to help with this, as we will see on this list, the most useful are the ones that you can use throughout the day without being intrusive. In this case, it is clothing.

2) A balance ball chair

Now this may look more like a piece of gym equipment, but rest assured it is the result of extensive research into ways of improving posture whilst working. This chair supposedly improves your productivity by activating your core muscles while sitting, therefore improving their strength and ultimately, improving your posture. This chair comes in both wheels or the ball alone touching the floor.

3) Support cushions

There are many types of support cushions available to help improve your posture, but by far the most popular is for the back. From those created for work chairs to ones designed for cars, these are popular for a reason.

Considering you could be spending a huge chunk of your day sitting down, it is of utmost importance that you ensure you are comfortable and relieving your body of unnecessary strain during this time. Support cushions are a popular product to help with this and they work by supporting your back’s natural curve, keeping the spine aligned.

4) Electronic posture alarm

This is a piece of wearable technology built to gently remind the wearer that they are slouching. This useful device can be worn under clothing without being seen, allowing you to stay aware of your posture even when wearing little clothing.

Some of these alarms even have compatibility with smartphones and watches, allowing easier tracking and analysis of your progress over time.

5) A posture aligning pillow

Sleeping an average of eight hours a night means we spend a third of our lives sleeping, so why not invest in a good night’s sleep. A posture-aligning pillow is a good step for improving your posture almost effortlessly.