Features of Advanced Meeting Room Booker Software

There are several advanced meeting room booking software to make the work easy for many organizations and individuals. Available options in the market are Calenderwiz, Yarooms, Tribeloo, and others. Each one of the software has its particular specifications and numerous features in it. Here are the detailed common features clearly explaining the particular cause:

The Smart Office Solution

 The smart office solution is the best feature of advanced meeting room booker. This built-in feature helps any customer to manage his workspace more smartly. The solution works with a range of devices including Apple TV I-phone, I-pad, and other compatible electronic devices. It is really simple for a customer to book a room from virtually anywhere.

Appealing View

 Apple TV/pad/phone on each floor provides I-view in a visually appealing way. This includes complete information about the room. What meeting is currently taking place in the room you can also see the flow map with amenities available in each of the rooms.

Schedule and Ownership of Meeting Room

 The meeting room booker also shows who has created the current meeting and what time it is going to be held? It displays the schedule for a conference room for the rest of the day.

Online Booking Feature

 One can book a meeting room in a couple of ways. One way is using an application on Apple or Android-based electronic devices. On opening the application; a customer gets two options a) whether a customer wants to book a room immediately b) or the intention is to book a meeting room booker later. On clicking the right now option a customer can choose preferences like what are the number of attendees and the duration of time.

 Availability or Denial                                                                               

One best feature of meeting room booker software is the availability or unavailability of the desired meeting room. The application is designed to automatically show the available number of rooms available. On clicking the “show available rooms” option all the available options get displayed.  Another way simply is to walk in and book the desired room manually. Unavailable rooms also are highlighted and displayed as “Not Available”.


In the end, meeting room booking software has become a necessity for individuals as well as organizations. Various other features are coming in the future. Software developers dedicated to that purpose are putting their knowledge and are doing their best to develop the best one.